Labyrinth Update log 12 March 2020, V 1.5.5

Here are today’s update notes;

  • Added Cilsius [Boss] in the maze.
  • Added a new rarity ‘Celestial’.
  • Added new weapons ‘Cilsius Hammer’ and ‘Angelic sword’.
  • Added new items called ‘Cilsius Core’ and ‘Angelic wings’.
  • Added a new legendary spear ‘Eternal Spear’, Unlock the Eternal Spear by buying the forger’s workshop toyset.
  • Added a new ore called ‘Rose Enchanted Ore’.
  • Dwemer scythe visual update.
  • Fixed Doom Blade and visual update & Fixed Katana walk animation.
  • Mythic+ weapons have new inventory images.
  • Forger coin prices increased/adjusted.
  • Added new Blood system.
  • Added a dash button for mobile.
  • Added a button to disable wallslide in settings.

Some changes may not be listed here.

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